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    The 6p's Of A Thriving Tribe Coach

    Managing Change & Transition in the Workplace – an inspirational presentation
    developed by one of Australia’s leading speakers and authors on managing stress
    and mental health at work. 

    As leaders, we are the Chief Energy Officer (CEO) of our tribe. Our daily habits and practices can either enchance or destroy the tribe's energy and mood. A Tower Watson golbal survey showed that leaders that focus on engagement and mood as well as performance have a 270% higher operating margin.
    Year after year we continue to face massive challenges in the business environment. The changing economy brings a different set of hurdles each time. This constant change and uncertainty can bleed mood and motivation from employees.  Not surprisingly, Medibank Private estimate that depression and anxiety disorders account for 34% of all lost productivity.
    How do we enhance motivation, engagement and even productivity during these times?
    The recently released report Acquisition and Retention in the War for Talent, by Kelly Global showed:
    • 37% of Australian employees frequently think about quitting their jobs
    • 66% intend to search for a job with another organisation in the next year

    Creating Thriving Tribes is the key to managing organisational change

    In researching 5000 people who have experienced adversity, Graeme Cowan has been able to identify some surprisingly simple strategies to Bounce Back & Thrive. When adverse events happen we often slide down the moodometer™ – what’s important is how we respond to these difficulties.
    In their book Tribal Leadership the authors David Logan et al, show that every organisation is really a group of small towns or tribes. The tribes are made up of 20-150 people. The author’s work with over 24,000 employees shows that tribes are the basic building block of any organisation. Their influence is greater than teams, entire companies, and the CEO’s. Tribes also have moods.

    This session will reveal:

    • As a leader your first responsibility is enhancing your own mood and energy.
    • Why only 30% of change offorts are successful despit 25,000 books in the last 15 years.
    • The 5 tribal moods and how to identify your current mood: "Life sucks", "My life sucks", "I'm great", "We're great", "Life's great".
    • The unique strategy required to upgrade each tribal mood.
    • Understanding and applying the 6P's of coaching.
    • Tribes that focus on employee mood AND performance are 220% more likely to be in the top quartile of profitability than those that focus on performance alone.
    • Members of a thriving tribe are 300% more creative, 31% more productive, and sell 37% more.
    • Introducing the power of rituals to sustain change.
    • Understanind and applying the 6P's of coaching.
    • How to apply the Thriving Tribe Process.
    • Applying a 90 day micro strategy for quick results.

    Feedback about Graeme’s workshops

    “Graeme delivered one of the most compelling presentations I have seen. He and his message are relevant for any workplace experiencing change, and have had a lasting impact on my group. Highly recommended”

    - David Banks, GM Business Performance, National Australia Bank

    “Graeme is very engaging….the audience listens to every single word he says….you could hear a pin drop”

    - John Brogden, CEO, Financial Services Council

    “Feedback included ‘fantastic presentation’ , ‘outstanding’, ‘very inspirational’, ‘powerful’, ‘very moving’ and ‘I wish I could get Graeme to speak to my staff’. The client was delighted”

    - Libby Henderson- Kelly, Managing  Consultant, ICMI Speakers