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    Thriving Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

    What prevents us from making the changes we know will make us more effective leaders?

    This is probably the most important question a leader needs to consider. Inevitably, those that are struggling to change should think deeply about this issue. Sometimes people know why they are having difficulty changing, and sometimes they need to gain additional insight into their Deep Motivators – their whYcode™.

    Understanding their whYcode ™ is the key to long term sustainable change and success.

    Time only permits Graeme to work with a small number of leaders, and his programmes are for a minimum of 6 sessions over 90 days. His work has the dual focus of individual and organisational goals and is geared towards positive and sustainable change.

    Graeme brings an extraordinary diversity of experience to his programmes including:

    • Insight into senior management issues born through his experience as Joint Managing Director of AT Kearney Executive Search.
    • Understanding of organisational and leadership dynamics through his work in Marketing Management at Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer, and Executive Search, Outplacement, Career Coaching, and Change Management experience at Morgan & Banks and AT Kearney.
    • Deep insight into personal motivation through his development of the proprietary whYcode™ methodology.
    • His acknowledged thought leadership into how people can bounce back and thrive from challenging times – as an award winning author of the BACK FROM THE BRINK bestselling book series and bounce factor research.
    • The leadership role he played in the creation of RUOK? Day –


    To find out more about Graeme’s Leadership Mentoring Programme call
    +61 2 8014 8867 or